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    Job Seeker's Allowance claimant count (February 2019)

    The latest (February 2019) Job Seeker’s Allowance claimant count is now available following a release by the Office for National Statistics.

    Average house prices (January 2019)

    The data for January 2019 for average house prices is now available following a release by the Land Registry.

    Knowing the error associated with survey data

    When estimates are produced from a survey there is always associated error. Most data producers publish these associated errors along with the estimates in the form of confidence limits. The confidence limits give the range of error. For example, an estimate of 48% may have confidence limits of 41% and 55%. This means the estimate could be anywhere between the lower limit (LL) and the upper limit (UL). This helps us understand how different two estimates may really be. If the confidence limits for one estimate overlap with the confidence limits of another estimate, then there may be no statistical difference between the two estimates.

    We also think it is important to provide this type of information for survey data. We have produced some survey data maps to show some indicators around communities from National Survey for Wales data. These show you the confidence limits in addition to all the usual information we provide. We plan to include more survey data over time.

    If you have any queries or comments regarding our presentation of survey data, please get in touch Infobasecymru@data.cymru.

    Migration (2016-2017)

    The 2016-2017 migration figures are now available following a release by the Welsh Government.

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