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    The 2021 update of Thriving Places Wales is now available. The tool provides a measure of the prevelance of the conditions that support well-being across local authority areas.

    The scores measure conditions for well-being across Wales at a local authority area level. They are not reflective of the performance of any organisation, or groups of organisations, within these areas.

    Developed in conjunction with the Centre for Thriving Places, the tool provides a robust reporting framework to help support decision-makers to understand well-being in their area.

    The tool is based on many years of development work in consultation with experts from around the world, academics, practitioners and diverse local communities The conditions included in the framework are what have been shown to be most important for individuals, communities and areas to thrive. They define sustainable well-being as providing equal opportunities to thrive for present and future generations. The tool offers an alternative view of well-being compared to financial and deprivation-based indices.

    There is analysis to accompany the scores and users can also create a pdf scorecard for their local authority area.

    If you’d like support with the data, if you have questions about the tool or want support to help embed it in your work, please contact Duncan Mackenzie.

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    y Golygydd / the Editor