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Local authority Social Services profiles

Directors of Social Services are expected to produce annual reports as part of their responsibilities under the Annual Council Reporting Framework (ACRF).

To support them in this process the Social Services Improvement Agency (SSIA) commissioned the Data Unit to produce local authority profiles which focus on key aspects of social service activity. The profiles provide up to date data, trend information and useful comparisons that can be used to inform, or even form part of, their report.

To underpin local Director’s reports, authorities would need to collate and present quantitative evidence of their performance during the year. By doing this centrally from existing sources, we are able to reduce the burden on local authorities, allowing them to focus on any relevant local data that they may need to include.

The profiles present a standard, consistent view of Social Services for each authority in Wales, allowing regulators to have a consistent, comparable set of data to inform their work.

To view a report, please choose a local authority from the box below. Please note the report may take a short while to open.

Once you are in the profile use the arrows at the top of the screen to scroll between the pages, as well as the scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen (depending on your browser settings).

While other formats may be available, the profile is designed to be viewed as a PDF. To print/save a local copy, select PDF from the ‘Select a format’ menu. Then click on ‘Export’.

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