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    We hosted our first open data event in Colwyn Bay in July and our second in Ebbw Vale in September. A big thanks to everyone who attended. We got some good insight and positive feedback. Overall, I was impressed by just how much work was already going on in Wales and the appetite to really kick on and do more. There’s a real sense of momentum brewing.

    I said it at our events, but since taking up the open data mantle at Data Cymru, one of the most intriguing challenges has come with our somewhat unique position within Wales. We’re an organisation involved in almost all aspects of data – we collect it from local authorities and other public bodies, we source it from data providers, we manage it in our internal systems, and we disseminate/share it through a plethora of tools. Put simply, we cover almost anything to do with data!

    So, we’re in a great position to promote and make Wales a pioneering country in its use of open data. But to do so, we need to make sure our package of support is appropriate and well targeted.

    Our events have really helped to clarify the challenges you face and the solutions we can offer.

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  • Open data is, I’m sure, a phrase most of you will have come across over the last few months/years. Some of you have already begun to embrace the concept and have started making some of your data openly available. Others are about to embark on the journey and others still may be consulting the map to determine the best route. No matter where you are on your open data journey, we are here to help!

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  • When I started out working with data in Wales, way back in 2006, it was a very different environment!

    My first needs assessment, to support the 2008-2011 Merthyr Tydfil Children’s and Young People’s plan, was a fairly rudimentary affair. It contained lots of flowing prose (which added nothing!), and a whizz through all the performance measurement data I could include. It showed how Merthyr compared to the other 21 local authorities in Wales for that year, and a little bit of timeline data to show direction of travel. There was no secondary evaluation, no situation analysis, no context, and almost no low-level geography data. Fortunately, I’ve got a bit better at this data stuff since then!

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  • The time has come to move on. I’ve been with Data Cymru for 16 years and during that time some things have stayed the same and many things have changed. This is a reflection on all that’s happened and the joys I’ve experienced working for this unique organisation.

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  • Place based evidence is essential, both to plan and deliver services and to understand how places are changing over time. This is being brought into stronger focus in recent work to better understand well-being at a community level. However, painting a picture of a place and being able to distinguish its characteristics from those of other places brings its challenges. Firstly, how best to define our places in a consistent way, while providing information on a geographical basis which service providers (and citizens) will recognise as towns, communities, etc. Secondly, the challenge of limited robust quantitative data being available at a sub-local authority level.

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