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Are you looking to build a data culture within your organisation?
Do you want to build people’s capacity to work with data?
Then look no further…

DataBasicCymru: building a data culture

DataBasicCymru is designed to help you build a data culture within your organisation.

If you want to do this yourself, our free, online, self-serve DataBasicCymru training programme is what you need…

If, however, you would prefer to be supported in your data journey, our DataBasicCymru+ training package provides a facilitated route through the programme.



Originally developed by researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the DataBasic training programme (the Data Culture Project) is designed to help anyone in an organisation, whether or not they have data responsibility and no matter how senior they are, get more confident with data.

The training programme comprises a series of free, online, self-serve exercises, workshops (most of which rely solely on paper, pens and discussion) and a small number of tools all designed to help build the fundamental skills needed to use data more effectively in a fun and creative way. The videos and facilitation guides will walk users through running the programme, either for themselves or for a larger group.

Having worked closely with MIT to develop a Welsh relevant, bilingual version of the programme, we, in collaboration with Data Orchard CIC, are bringing it to Wales!

Visit the DataBasicCymru website


In addition to DataBasicCymru, we are also offering DataBasicCymru+, our facilitated training package.

The DataBasicCymru training programme works best when lots of people within an organisation sign up to follow the programme. After all, whilst some people need specialist analytical or technical skills, all employees need to have basic skills around using data more effectively and the confidence to have conversations about data.

With our DataBasicCymru+ package, you leave all the hard work to us. You will be assigned a personal facilitator who will not only lead all the training sessions but will also work with you, in advance, to design your bespoke training package.

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Duncan is leading the roll-out of DataBasicCymru and DataBasicCymru+. Duncan is also our Partnership lead, coordinating our links and support with external organisations.

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