• Mae'r wefan hon ar gael yn y Gymraeg

Hearing from citizens: An introduction to designing and running surveys


To introduce you to some top tips, tools and resources to help you design and run surveys.

The course is intentionally ‘basic’ in its approach and content, and is aimed at beginners. No previous knowledge of survey design or analysis is required.


Surveys are a great way to hear from lots of people quickly and cost-effectively. Information is usually collected via a questionnaire, which can be distributed electronically, on paper, or even via an interview. Perhaps the best-known survey is the Census.

There are many types of survey. Which one you choose will depend on your purpose, the timescale for collecting the results, and the resources available.

Our training course gives practical advice and guidance to help you prepare, produce and design surveys and analyse the resulting data.


By the end of the course, you will understand:

  • survey design
  • the most common sampling techniques
  • how to construct survey questions
  • how to pilot and run a survey
  • how to analyse and present the results.


Courses last about 2.5 hours and cost £50 plus VAT per participant. To book a place on this course please visit TicketSource to see our available dates and times.

We can also provide training courses specifically for your organisation. We normally limit numbers to 15 but we can provide training at a time and date that suits you for up to 20 for £750 plus VAT. If you’d like further information on our courses or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please email enquiries@data.cymruu or call 029 2090 9500.

Need further information?


If you’d like further information about this course, then please contact Sam Sullivan. Sam is our Head of Statistics and Research, with overall responsibility for all of our data dissemination, survey and analysis work.

029 2090 9581